Sexual Harassment / Abusive Conduct Awareness & Prevention for Employees

By January, 1, 2020, companies with 5 or more full-time, part-time or temporary employees must provide a 1-hour training on prevention of sexual harassment/abusive conduct within 6 months of hire and every 2 years thereafter. Training of employees is an important component of a strong sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention program. This class is for employees who do not have management or supervisory responsibilities.

Topics covered in this class include a review of the state and federal laws regarding harassment and sexual harassment, what does and does not constitute sexual harassment  / abusive conduct in the workplace, who may be considered in the role of harasser/victim, the role of the employee in a sexual harassment situation and the correct action steps to take in the event of a situation, practical examples of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation discrimination.

  • This course is offered as a private class. Call (209) 472-7233 ext. 6 to request a quote for your organization.
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