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ONLINE Mature Driver Safety Training

In California, those who are 55 years of age or more are eligible for a discount on their automobile insurance if they complete the Mature Driver Safety course. Completion of this course provides a DMV certificate that is valid for 3 years of insurance discounts. Check with your insurance provider to learn the discount amount for your policy.

Topics covered in this course include risk management, a review of traffic laws, updates on new laws, habits that can compensate for the natural mental and physical changes of aging, aggressive driving, impaired driving and much more.

Click this link to begin:ORIGINAL CERTIFICATION Online Mature Driver Safety

Click this link to begin:RENEWING CERTIFICATION Online Mature Driver Safety

For online Mature Driver Safety, on the next screen you will be leaving the Safety Council website and entering the website for the online provider. The online provider will support their programs and will mail you a certificate to provide to your insurance agent upon successful completion. It usually takes about 2 weeks to receive. This course is compatible with a laptop or desktop computer. Call (888) 349-8425 if you need help with the online course.

Note: If you are a returning student, click  Student Login to return to your lessons.

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