Multiple Offender DUI Program

The Safety Council offers the Multiple Offender 18 month program. The goal of the program is for participants to understand the benefits of and choose a clean and sober lifestyle in order to become low risk to continue re-offending.  Education sessions, group counseling and individual one-on-one counseling session will focus on analysis of the root cause of problematic drinking/using and provide education about the negative effects that alcohol/other drugs can have on the mind, body and relationships. 


Emphasis is placed on ways to cope with loneliness, anxiety, stress, anger and depression and ways to achieve exhilaration, peace and happiness without using alcohol or other drugs. Weekly group and individual sessions provide behavior-based counseling and support for recovery.


The Safety Council uses interactive Smartboard technology in education to provide an engaging environment. Counseling rooms and student lounge feature a calming Zen décor. Campus is set in beautiful park-like landscaping.Groups are available week days, evenings and weekends. Call (209) 472-7233 for information on how to enroll.


Please Note: There are no online DUI courses approved by DMV, the courts or the Department of Alcohol and Drugs in California.

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