Forklift In-House Trainer Program

Compliance with the Federal OSHA and CAL/OSHA regulations for fork lift safety training should be a priority concern for every business with a fork lift. Included in the Forklift Trainer Program is training for 1 instructor, an instructor workbook, and videos. The course reviews the formal classroom training required, the regulations and important instructor techniques.

This program is designed for companies with 75 or more forklift drivers. Trainers may train other employees within their company or department to safely operate lift trucks and conducting on-the-job performance evaluations. On-the-job performance evaluations are required every three years at a minimum. Training kit cannot be sold, transferred or lent to other than the purchasing company or department. Trainer candidates must be in-house company employees. Each physical location where employees require training must be a member of the Safety Council. Each trainer must conduct a minimum of three (3) full trainings each year, purchase a minimum of 10 books annually per instructor and submit signed training rosters to maintain eligibility. 

Prerequisite to this class is completion of the Safety Council Forklift Operations Class within the past year, a minimum of two years experience driving a fork lift and excellent communication skills.

Documentation Certificates are provided with student workbooks purchased separately. Register by mailing a check or money order to the council or you may pay with cash (exact change is required) during normal office hours.  Members may pay with Visa/MC.  Additional credit card fees apply. Fees are not refundable or transferable to a different date, attendees may be substituted for the same date as long as they meet the class prerequisites. Registration for companies setting up this program for the first time must be paid at least 14 days prior to the class date to allow time for the instructor kit to be ordered. 

 Attendees must wear a face mask at all times, bring a blue/black ink pen and valid photo I.D.


  • Two (2) years documented on-the-job experience as a forklift operator.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Safety Council 4-Hr. Forklift Operational Class (if you have not attended it within the past year)
  • Place first workbook order.
  • Each company location where employees will require training must be a member of the safety council. Click Here to submit a request for a membership application if your company is not already a member.
  • Company must have 75 or more forklift drivers.

Ongoing Compliance Requirements:

  • Conduct a minimum of three (3) 4-Hour in-house forklift trainings per year.
  • Provide one student workbook to each person attending training.  Workbooks are ordered in quantities of 10 and a minimum of 1 order is required per year, per instructor.
  • E-mail or fax all training rosters within 24 hours to the Safety Council.
  • Maintain Safety Council Membership.
Member Cost: $829.00  Per Person
Additional Instructor / Retraining
Member Cost: $375 Per Person
Available Not Available

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