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3 Month First Offender DUI Program
  • 1-hour Intake & Assessment Appointment
  • 9 two-hour education sessions
  • 6 two-hour group counseling sessions
  • 1 thirty-minute Middle Individual Assessment Appointment
  • 1 thirty-minute Exit Interview

 To Schedule an Intake Appointment bring:

  1. K-4 Print-out from DMV (print with a minimum 12 pt. font, make a copy, if you like, for your records) Make sure the print-out has the following information for your current case: Violation Date, Sec/Violation, Court Code #, Docket #, BAC %. If the violation does not appear on the print-out, call DMV Mandatory Actions Unit @ 916-657-6525 to obtain this information and verify the length of program you will need to complete.
  2. Court Paperwork, if you have it
  3. Intake Fee: $180.00 (Money Order or Cash - Exact Change)
  4. Blue or black pen
  5. Face mask.
  6. Come into the Safety Council office Monday to Thursday 8am-11:15am / 1pm-4:15pm or Friday 8am-11:15am, Check for special office closures: Safety Council Calendar

On the Day of Intake Appointment: First payment of $150.00, a blue/black pen and a face mask (last three payments of $150 due in next consecutive months) *Opportunity to do any necessary make-up classes at no extra charge.

Education and Group Counseling sessions are available mornings, evenings and weekends.

Safety Council Office: 6004 N. El Dorado St., Stockton, CA 95207 (northeast corner of Swain Rd. & El Dorado St.)
(209) 472-7233

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