8-Hour Driving Safety

In the over 40 years that the Safety Council has been offering driving safety courses, literally thousands have participated in this important program. Motor vehicle collisions are one of the most hazardous occupational safety issues.

This course meets requirements for 8-Hr Defensive Driving Courses required for Corporate Driving Safety Programs, Traffic Violations issued outside of California and insurance discount programs for persons under 55 years of age (over 55 - see Mature Driver Safety).

The Safety Council's Smartboard interactive curriculum focuses on the important steps each driver can take to reduce their level of risk and keep themselves and their families safer on the roadways. Interaction with the instructor and other participants maximizes the opportunities to make the most of this program. 

Note  Until further notice, a face mask will be required to attend class and bring a blue/black pen.

 Advance registration is required by calling the Safety Council during normal office hours, 209 472-7233.

 Course Includes:

 * A review of basic & new traffic laws.

 * Discussion of the risks of unsafe driving and collision prevention techniques.

 * Information on how attitude can positively or negatively impact driving.

 * A look to the future with Highly Automated Vehicles.


Member Cost: $55.00  Per Person
Non Member Cost:  $60.00 Per Person
Available Not Available

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