BLS - CPR for Healthcare Professionals Challenge Program

Basic Live Support (CPR/AED) for the Healthcare Professional is for professional emergency care providers such as nurses, CNA's, and paramedics.Testing includes CPR for adults, infants & children, 2-person rescuer, obstructed airway & AED.Must pass a multiple choice written exam in English and a proficiency exam. Certificate is valid for 2 years.

The Challenge Program is designed for clients who have repeatedly taken and passed the BLS - CPR for Healthcare ProfessionalsPerformance and Written Examinations in the past. Upon demonstration of the performance skills and a satisfactory score on the written exam, the client may secure a certification card within an hour.

1. Skills Evaluation for Adult, Infant & ChildCPR/AED Single Provider and Two Person Rescue Students must perform the following skills competently without assistance. 

  • ┬áPrimary assessment for an unresponsive person
  •  External chest compressions appropriate for an adult, infant, child
  •  Rescue breaths for an adult, infant, child
  •  CPR as a single provider and two-person rescue

2. Written Evaluation in English with a score of 21 or more out of 30 multiple choice questions.

To schedule a challenge appointment, come in during office hours with a photo ID and payment in exact change or a money order. If you do not pass the challenge, you may choose to attend a classroom session or re-challenge the tests for an additional charge.

Member Cost: $75.00  Per Person
Non Member Cost:  $80.00 Per Person
Available Not Available

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