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BLS - CPR for Healthcare Professionals Challenge Program

CPR/AED for the Healthcare Professional is for professional emergency care providers such as nurses, CNA's, and paramedics.Testingincludes CPR for adults, infants & children, 2-person rescuer,obstructed airway & AED.Must pass a multiple choice written exam in English and a proficiency exam. Certificate is valid for 2 years.

The Challenge Program is designed for clients who have repeatedly taken and passed the CPR for Healthcare ProfessionalsPerformance and Written Examinations in the past. Upon demonstration of the performance skills and a satisfactory score on the written exam, the client may secure a certification card within an hour.

1. Skills Evaluation for Adult, Infant & ChildCPR/AED Single Provider and Two Person Rescue Students must perform the following skills competently without assistance.

Primary assessment for an unresponsive person

External chest compressions appropriate for an adult, infant, child

Rescue breaths for an adult, infant, child

CPR as a single provider and two-person rescue

2. Written Evaluation in English with a score of21 or more out of30 multiple choice questions.

To schedule a challenge appointment, come in during office hours with a photo ID and payment in exact change or a money order. If you do not pass the challenge, you may choose to attend a classroom session or re-challenge the tests for an additional charge.

Member Cost: $75.00  Per Person
Non Member Cost:  $80.00 Per Person
Available Not Available

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