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Classroom Mature Driver Safety - Renewals Only

This classroom course is for the three year renewal of the certification for mature driver safety insurance discounts. 

(First-time certification requires the full day course. The course for first-time certification is only offered online at For information on first-time certification, click here.)

In California, those who are 55 years of age or more are eligible for a discount on their automobile insurance if they attend the Mature Driver Safety course. Completion of this course provides a DMV certificate that is valid for 3 years of insurance discounts. Check with your insurance provider to learn the discount amount for your policy.

Topics covered in this course include risk management, a review of traffic laws, updates on new laws, habits that can compensate for the natural mental and physical changes of aging, aggressive driving, impaired driving and much more.

Proper facemasks are required while in class, bring a blue/black pen and valid ID. Facemasks and pens will not be provided at the facility, so be sure to bring them. If it is difficult for you to wear a facemask or difficult for you to hear others who are wearing facemasks, then you may be more comfortable with the online renewal class, click here.

Payment in advance is required. Checks are accepted up to 21 days prior to the class date. Mail a check or money order to: Safety Council, 6004 N. El Dorado St., Stockton, CA 95207-4349. You may pay with cash (exact change required) during normal office hours. If room is available in the class during the week before the class date, cash or money orders will be accepted at the council office only for last minute reservations until noon on the day prior to the class date. The council makes every effort not to cancel or overbook classes. Therefore, tuition is not refundable or transferable to a different date. No walk-ins are admitted on the day of the class.

Please note that these classes often sell-out weeks ahead of time. If no class dates are shown below, then scheduled classes have been completed for the year. You may use the online course to complete your certification.

Member Cost: $40.00  Per Person
Non Member Cost:  $40.00 Per Person
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