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Classroom Traffic Violator School

In the over 45 years that the San Joaquin Safety Council has been conducting Traffic Violator School, literally thousands of residents have participated in this important program.

The Safety Council's curriculum focuses on the important steps each driver can take to reduce their level of risk and keep themselves and their families safer on the roadways. Interaction with the instructor and other participants maximizes the opportunities to make the most of this program.

Please note that this class requires the student to be able to read, write and understand spoken English in order to be successful on the multiple choice exam.

You may register 24 hours a day by clicking "register" next to the date you wish to attend.  Pay when you come to class.  Completion for traffic violations is entered electronically to the court database on the next business day. 

Note:  Until further notice, face masks are required to attend class and bring a blue/black pen.

Member Cost: $60.00  Per Person
Non Member Cost:  $60.00 Per Person

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  Date Day Time Module
Available 8/28/2021 Saturday 8:00am-3:30pm
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